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Policies & Procedures


The University recognizes the need to provide students an avenue to advertise events and information for their various activities. The purpose of this policy on chalking is to balance the overall aesthetic appearance of campus with the need for student information sharing.

Freedom of Assembly and Demonstration

This policy outlines regulations for student gatherings with the intent of reconciling freedom of assembly with the responsibility of meeting on university grounds within the context of an academic setting.

Indoor Facility Usage Policy for Authorized Events

This policy outlines reservation requirements for the use of indoor spaces, which includes both instructional and meeting/event spaces.

Outdoor Facility Usage for Authorized Events

This policy outlines requirements for the use of outdoor spaces on campus, which includes the process for requesting space.

Literature Distribution

The distribution of leaflets and handbills and the circulation of petitions by University of Tennessee students on campus shall be free and unhindered. Any material to be distributed should be in accordance with the applicable local, state, and federal laws.


Both commercial and noncommercial solicitations are prohibited in nonpublic areas of the university. Solicitations and sales in public areas of the university are restricted to invitees, registered organizations, and faculty, staff, and students of the university and are subject to reasonable restrictions as to time, place, and manner.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct details information about the institution’s expectations and student rights and responsibilities. It creates a standard by which students are expected to conduct themselves that is consistent with the educational goals of the university.

Use of University Property by Non-Affiliated Persons for Free Expression Activities

This policy outlines regulations for use of the campus and university property by individuals and groups who are not currently affiliated with the university.

Student Organization Registration Procedure

This outlines the process to register a new student organization or update a current student organization through the Center for Student Engagement.